Thursday, February 4, 2016

Heradry Workshop This Weekend

If you are going to be in the vicinity of New Westminster, British Columbia (a suburb of Vancouver) this weekend, you might sign up for and attend one of two heraldry workshops being hosted by local heraldic artist and graphic designer Allan Ailo.

(Hmm. Gray hair? Check. Glasses? Check. Gray beard? Semi-check. Handsome, dapper fellow? Check. Gosh, he reminds me a lot of me!)

I'd run across the announcement for these workshops in an article which asked a few heraldry-related trivia questions: Who trusted in God first, New Westminster or the United States of America? (Answer: New Westminster, in 1860.) How many animals on New Westminster's coat of arms? (The article says four. Well, it's really five (of three types): two lions, a bear, and two salmon.) (The image below is from the website of the Canadian Heraldic Authority.)

Anyway, it looks to be both informative and fun. If I were in the area, I'd make a (free) reservation for it in a heartbeat. But I'm not, so that leaves an extra slot open for you!

The full article and further information about these workshops can be found on the website of The New Westminster Record at

You should go; it looks like it'll be a lot of fun!

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