Monday, June 16, 2014

Canada's Royal Arms

As with the post from last Monday noting a website that gave the various versions of the arms of the City of Paris over the years, here's a webpage that gives the history - through several different iterations, some of them pretty complex - of the changes to the coat of arms, not of a city this time, but of an entire nation.

The webpage "The Royal Arms of Canada - a Short History ( gives the history of the arms of Canada from its inception as a Dominion in 1867 through the arms as they exist at present.

And here is a rendition of the arms as they are used currently (the red and gold band circling the shield bears the motto of the Order of Canada, Desiderantes Meliorem Patriam, "They desire a better country").  Note how the mantling around the helm is in the form of red and white maple leaves.  (If you're going to use a motif, like Canada does with maple leaves, then you really can't have too many.  Or as someone once said, "Nothing succeeds like excess.")



  1. Speaking of national heraldry...with the World Cup going on and Portugal in the same group as us (US), viewers get a lot of views of Portugal's arms on their flag and the version on their jerseys.

  2. Indeed! And it was very easy to spot Croatian fans, too, with their red and white checked shirts.

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