Thursday, October 18, 2012

Heraldry in Maastricht, Part One

Well, we've gotten back from the XXX International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences held in Maastricht, The Netherlands, in September and I'm finally getting the time to start going through the photos I took while we were there.  (The nice thing about having gone from film to a digital camera is that I can take lots and lots of photos.  The bad thing about having gone from film to a digital camera is that I can take lots and lots of photos.  So there's a lot more to go through now to select the better ones to share.)

There was, of course, a whole lot of heraldry to be seen in Maastricht as well as the other cities we visited: a day trip to Aachen during the Congress and a few days in Heidelberg following it.

For those of you who don't know where it is, Maastricht is tucked way down in the southwestern part of The Netherlands, in a little "peninsula" of land tucked in between Belgium and Germany.  The city's coat of arms is a wonderfully simple one: Gules a mullet argent, with a single white angel as a supporter.

The following pictures of the arms (in various forms) were at the Stadhuis, the city's old town hall, built in the 17th Century, both outside and inside.


An overview of the exterior, with flags of the arms flying from the tower and on the right.

The city's arms on the pediment over the main entrance.

And on the main gate leading to the main entrance.

The angel supporter bearing the star on a weathervane atop the tower.

The city's arms on the main entrance doors.

In a stained glass window.
(We'll do more heraldry from the Basilica of St. Servaas later.)

And this lovely piece is painted on the ceiling in the main hall of the Stadhuis.

Next time, we'll look at other uses of the Maastricht's arms here and there about the city.


  1. Maastricht is actually in the Southeast of the country, but in the southwest of the Dutch province of Limburg....
    Still, very nice pictures !


  2. Hi, Ralf!

    (If I didn't tell you there, I enjoyed your presentation at the Congress very much.) You are, of course, correct. I was remembering its location from all of the provincial maps that I was looking at while I was there, and not maps showing its relationship to the remainder of The Netherlands. (I have heard that much of the rest of the country pretty much considers the province to be effectively a part of Belgium, but I would hesitate to rely on that statement as truthful without corroboration.)

    Glad you like the pictures! There was some wonderful heraldry in the city, and I look forward to sharing a lot more of it here.