Thursday, October 11, 2012

An Interesting Heraldic Website

And one which, when they say “family crest,” they actually mean the crest, and not the coat of arms.

I was pointed to this website by a short article in the most recent Heraldry Gazette from the Heraldry Society of England, which talked about the website, My Family Silver,

If you click on “Family Crest Finder” (at the upper right hand button on their main page), that takes you to:

Here you can search for crests by a specific family name. (I tried three different surnames from my family tree before I got a hit - a lot of non-armigerous yeomen in the old family tree, I guess - and then there were too many; 46 different families surnamed “Warren.” There were also four different Appletons, three elephant heads and one bunch of pineapples, to none of whom am I related, but I wanted to try it just for grins.) You can also browse by family names.

They have compiled their database from a number of sources, including:

Fairbairn’s Book of Crests (1905 ed.)
America Heraldica by E. de V. Vermont (1886 ed.)
Crests of the Colonial Gentry by Knight and Butler
Armorial Families by A.C. Fox-Davies (1929 ed.)
Burke’s Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry (1939 ed.)
Burke’s Peerage, Baronetage, and Gentry

There does not appear to be a way of searching for a specific crest without having the surname. Which is, alas, usually the way I have to try to track such things down.

They also have a blog: which may contain posts of interest to heraldry enthusiasts, although their emphasis is, naturally enough, on crested silver.

All in all, it’s a well-done and interesting site and of especial interest, perhaps, to folks with a bit of extra spending money sitting around who’d like to buy silver or glass items with their family crest on them. (Now if I could just find my crest on their website, my budget might be in serious danger!)

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