Friday, May 28, 2010

Herald in the News (Again)!

I'd posted on May 13, 2010, about an article I'd run across that was partly about our friend, Frederick Brownell, the former State Herald of South Africa who had designed the South African flag.  Well, yesterday I ran across another article that also talked about Fred, and about Enoch Sontonga, who wrote the South African national anthem, but which also had a most eye-catching picture with it.

The article was entitled "How to Fly the South African Football Flag" (, May 27, 2010) as part of South Africa hosting the World Cup and showed, as you can see, Helena Douglas, who had held a World Cup Awareness Day at the Cedarburg Primary School in Booysen Park on May 25.  As part of that day, she had her hair styled into a Mohawk with the South African flag stencilled onto it.

Now _that's_ what I call "flying the flag"!  (Hmm.  I wonder if I could get someone here in Dallas to do the Texas state flag like this on my coiffure.)

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