Monday, May 10, 2010

Canadian Heraldry by a Former American

In an Inside Toronto article on April 24, 2010, Canadian resident (formerly of New York) Donald Black was featured for his carved wooden coats of arms, including a photograph of one that he did last year for Canadian Governor General Michaëlle Jean.  The full article can be found on-line at:

His three-dimensional heraldic works are done in clear pine and poplar with an X-Acto knife, take about 80-100 hours to complete, and the finished works are about four feet by three feet.

As you can see from the photograph of his depiction of the Governor General's arms above, he does some really nice work!


  1. Don't know anything about it but thought you may be interested in this one

  2. That's an interesting link. Limited in a lot of ways (for example, it won't let you do a white or a gold field, and it has a very limited number of charges available), but certainly a bit of fun and maybe to learn a little something about heraldry in the process.