Thursday, January 18, 2024

The Great Stone Shields of York Minster, Part 6

I know, I know! Here we are at Part 6 of looking at these shields in York Minster, and we're not done yet!

What makes it worse (at least to me) is that I'm not entirely sure that I managed to photograph all of them.

Nonetheless, here are today's shields and identifications:

Above we have the arms of England (in the person of King Edward I, Gules three lions passant guardant in pale or; and Edmund, Earl of Lancaster, brother of King Edward I (1245-1296), Gules three lions passant guardant in pale or a label of five tags azure each tag charged with three fleurs-de-lis.

And here we have, on the left, the arms of England in the person of King Henry IV, Quarterly France modern and England; and on the right, the arrtibuted arms of St. Edward the Confessor, Azure a cross flory between five martlets or. St. Edward the Confessor is regarded as their special patron by several kings of England, most notably King Richard II.

Here, on the left, William le Vavasour (d. 1311), Lord of Hazelwood, Or a dance sable; and on the right, Ranulph de Neville (d. 1331) or Robert de Neville, Ranulph’s son, Gules a saltire argent.

Over this archway, on the left, the arms of Archibald Alexander Neville, Gules on a saltire argent a crescent sable for difference; and on the right, Hugh FitzHenry (d. 1305) or his son, Henry FitzHugh, Azure three chevronels braced and a chief or. The braced chevronels here may be an error for Azure fretty a chief or, as these arms are blazoned in Burke's General Armory and in Aspilogia III.

And for our last entries for today, on the left, Henry Scrope, Azure on a bend or a lion rampant sable; and on the right, St. William of York, Or seven mascles conjoined three three and one gules. Saint William was Archbishop of York not once, but twice: from 1141 to 1147 and then again from 1153 to 1154.

Today's shields have a lot of nice, simple heraldry on them, and even a couple of arms differenced by cadency. So how cool is that?

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