Monday, January 29, 2024

Some Military and Civic Heraldry

There is a section of York Minster that displays some English military and foreign civic heraldry in a combined display and memorial.

The military heraldry is that of The 14th West Yorkshire Regiment, The Prince of Wales’s Own:

And this part of the Minster memorializes the Regiment's service during World War I in France and Flanders:

The other shields, each within a wreath and supported by two angels, are the civic heraldry in the title of this post, the coats of arms of the cities where they were stationed at various times during the Great War.

In this overview shot, we see the arms, from left to right, of Ypres, Belgium, and of Cambrai and Fère-En-Tardenois (between Paris and Reims), France. We'll look more closely at each of these further below:

The arms of Armentieres (the city of the oft-sung Mademoiselle), France:

The arms of Neuve Chapelle (WSW of Lille), France.

And close-ups of the first three: Ypres, Belgium;

Cambrai, France;

and, again, Fère-En-Tardenois:

You will probably have noticed that most of these places have the date(s) when the Regiment was stationed there.

So there you have it: the Who (the 14th West Yorkshire Regiment, The Prince of Wales’s Own); the Where (various cities in France and Belgium); the When (the dates they were posted to most of these places); and should already pretty much be aware of the Why (World War I).

What an impressive memorial!

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