Monday, March 23, 2020

Stained Glass Civic Heraldry in Heidelberg Castle, Part 3 of 3

We finish up our review of come of the stained glass civic coats of arms in Heidelberg Castle with this final eight:

Oppenheim, Germany (the upper of the three shields, one and two, being the Palatinate (Pfalz) quartered with Bavaria (Bayern)):

Pfeddersheim, Germany:

Sinsheim, Germany:

Starkenburg, Germany (with Bavarian (Bayern) and the Palatinate (Pfalz) in the smaller shields in chief):

Traben-Trarbach, Germany:

Wachenheim, German (basically the quartered arms of the Palatinate (Pfalz) and Bavaria (Bayern):

Weinheim, Germany (with the upper half of the shield consisting of the Palatinate (Pfalz) and Bavarial (Bayern):

and finally, Wiesloch, Germany (the Palatinate impaled with Bavaria):

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