Thursday, March 26, 2020

Some Stained Glass Personal Arms in Heidelberg Castle

But more than just cities and towns have stained glass depictions of their heraldry in Heidelberg Castle.

Here are three stained glass windows with personal coats of arms that I saw and was able to make some identifications:

This first are the arms of Volker von Alzey, the minstrel at the court of Burgundy in Worms (on the left), shown with him (holding his "fiddle") as well as Hagen (who killed Siegfried) and Kriemhilde (Siegfried's wife) from the Nibelungenlied.

Jacob Hottinger. I hope to learn more about this Jacob Hottinger (and the three shields on this stained glass window), as my great-great-grandmother was Carolina Phillipina Hottinger, born and died in Heidelberg, and I've traced her paternal line back three more generations to Valentin Hottinger (born about 1740-50). The window is dated 1604, so that's further back than I have been able to trace so far, but the possibilities of a personal relation to Jacob Hottinger here are certainly intriguing:

And Georg Strasburger. The window here is dated 1610.

Fascinating stuff, right?

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