Thursday, April 25, 2019

A New Armorial Sartorial Purchase

I love my friends! Whenever one or another of them runs across something that they know I might like, they let me know about it. And, despite the damage it sometimes does to my monthly budget, I really do appreciate their watching out for stuff I might not otherwise see.

The most recent instance was an email from a friend who was in New York City spending some time visiting The Met, the world-famous Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Her email consisted of a short message - "You will get a 'kick' with these. :)" and a link to the following item in The Met's gift shop:

Part of the description about these socks notes that "the designs are copied from the 'official' roll of arms of Arthur's knights, compiled by the Arthurian enthusiast Jacques d'Armagnac, duke of Nemours, about 1450."

So of course I had to go out and buy a pair!

Might you be interested in having your own pair of these armorial socks? You can buy them on-line from The Met at

My new pair of armorial socks have arrived, I'm trying to decide where and when would be the best event to inflict them on an unsuspecting public unveil them.

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