Thursday, April 14, 2016

Well, It's Better Heraldry, But ....

In a recent (April 7, 2016) article on the Independent website, there's a bit of a reaction to the change to their arms-like badge by Aston Villa Football Club. I have to say, I think the change makes for better heraldry, but did they really have to pay £80,000 for it? (Heck, I would have done it for half that, and even at that rate I think they would have been getting ripped off. But what do I know?)

As you can see in these "before" (left) and "after" (right) images, they removed the word "Prepared" from the base of the shield (leading to much commentary about them no longer being "prepared"), allowing more room to make the lion larger (and a bit fiercer; he's now got his teeth and claws out, much more like a typical heraldic lion, and his mane and furry bits are a bit spikier, as well).

This is not to say that I think it's the best heraldic design - maroon on blue isn't an ideal combination of colors - but it's certainly an improvement. I just don't think it was worth the price they paid for it.

The full story (and comments) can be found on-line at the Independent at

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