Monday, April 11, 2016

Don't Forget!

A recent correspondent had requested I send him a list of good heraldry reference books as well as a list of rare but especially nice to have heraldry books. In my reply, I noted that I wasn't including a number of volumes which I thought were very good but which had been digitized and were available for free on the internet. My rationale was that, while some of these were very nice, could they really be considered as "rare," since they were freely available to anyone who looked for them.

In any case, he asked me to send him a list of some of these, and I realized that I actually had the ones I was thinking of listed here on the blog, under the sections "Some Good On-Line Armorials and Ordinaries" and "Some Good On-Line Heraldry Books."

So today's post is just a short reminder: be sure to check out the links down the left-hand side of this blog. There are some real jewels of heraldry and heraldic art linked there, and you might find it of interest to check at least some of them out.

As I was creating my list to send to my correspondent, I did find one link that no longer worked. I have updated that link (to John Guillim's A Display of Heraldrie) so that it takes you to the book, where it can be read on-line or downloaded for looking at later.  I will continue to update links which no longer work as I find them.

Thanks for dropping by, and don't forget to check out the links here!

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