Thursday, March 17, 2016

Why Is It ...

... that all of the really cool heraldic stuff that I see costs so much?

I ran across a this watch the other day:

It is the CVSTOS Challenge Pride of Colombia Automatic Limited Edition watch.

And as you can see in this detail, it has on its face the arms of the South American nation of Colombia.

(And here's a representation of the arms from Heraldry of the World ( for comparison.)

Now, I don't really need a watch.  I do have one, but it's a pocket watch that I only wear very rarely with one of my three-piece suits, and it needs its battery replaced, so it just sits in a drawer at home.  I also have a self-winding watch that I inherited from my father, which also sits in that same drawer.  Because, as I said, I don't really need a watch. I have a perfectly good smartphone that has calendar, watch, timer, and alarm clock apps on it. And because it's also a telephone, I have it with me all the time. So if I need to know what time it is, I whip out my phone and find out what time it is.

But this watch is really, really cool!  And heraldic!

But it's ridiculously expensive. It is marked down significantly, on sale for a mere US$16,999 (down from US$25,000). And I just can't see spending that much money on a watch that I don't really need, no matter how heraldic it is.

If you, on the other hand, have that much spare cash lying around and could use a good heraldic watch, you can find the CVSTOS Challenge Pride of Colombia Automatic Limited Edition watch on-line at:

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