Monday, March 28, 2016

Highway Heraldry

We took a trip from Texas to Las Vegas recently. (No, no, not the "fun" Vegas. The dusty desert town where some of my family stills lives Vegas. That's an entirely different town from the one you see in all of the advertisements.)

Anyway, on the way we passed a large truck with some heraldry on its side. So of course we had to have some pictures (below, one from the door of the cab, one from the side of the body of the truck).

So, naturally, when I got the time I did a little research. It turns out that shield is the emblem of the 75th Infantry Regiment, the Rangers.

It turns out that the 75th Regiment Trucking, Inc. is a privately-held trucking company based in Fresno, California. I can only assume that one or more of the owners has been a member of the Rangers and decided that they should memorialize that relationship by taking the shield of the Regiment and using it as their business logo. (Apparently they never heard of the idea that you shouldn't adopt someone else's heraldry as your own. Oh, dear.)

Still, it was fun to see a coat of arms, even is not the greatest design, while driving down the highway.

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