Friday, March 27, 2015

A Short (I Hope!) Hiatus from Posting

My apologies for not keeping up with my usual schedule of blog posts this week; as some of you may have seen if we are friends on Facebook, my back yard and I had it out the Sunday before last, and the yard won.

The yard has a fair bit of wooden railroad tie decor out there, and as I was moving from one part of the yard to another, I stepped on top of one of the ties.  It was apparently partially rotted, and gave under my weight.  At the same time, it had been raining pretty steadily for the previous week, and the top was slick with water.  So I ended up twisting when I went down, and as I was falling I heard a "crack!" which turned out not to be the railroad tie.  The Xrays showed a spiral fracture to the outside of the left ankle.

As a consequence, I have been laid up in a cast and hobbling about on crutches for the past two weeks, and have been unable to get upstairs onto the second floor of the house where my "office" and computer reside.  (We've finally got a laptop that gets me on-line to check email and whatnot, but it's really only a stopgap measure and isn't all that efficient for, for example, writing blog posts.

In any case, if my posts here are few and farther between for the next little while, it's because I'm having to restrict my movement about the house and be a good little patient, sitting and lying about with my leg elevated.  (The dog doesn't seem to mind so much, but it's frequently a bit frustrating for me.)

You'd think, that if I could go for 2/3 of a century without breaking any bones, that I could go for another couple of decades without doing so, but apparently the universe had other ideas about it.  Still, I hope to be back and posting before very long, and we can talk about heraldry some more.


  1. When I was in the Navy and broke my ankle, I was in a to-the-hip cast for six weeks and a short cast for another four. Obviously medical science has advanced since 1974.

  2. Good morning Mr. Appleton. I am sorry to hear of your broken ankle but I have very much enjoyed reading through the information on your blog. I have always had an interest in heraldry primarily the artistic appeal and symbolism of all of the crests. I am an embroiderer and needlework designer and recently stumbled across a piece of petit point at an antique mall that is full of heraldic imagery. I wrote a blog post about it here.
    I wonder if you wouldn't mind taking a look at the piece in my post. I'd love to hear what your interpretation of the piece might be. Thanks so very much and I wish you speedy healing. Best to you, Susan Elliott