Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Rare Plug for an Heraldic Artist

Russell Saari, a reader of this blog and history student at the University of Wisconsin is starting a small business creating and painting shields of arms to help pay for his degree. He has begun a Kickstarter campaign to that end, and asked if I’d be willing to help publicize it.  After taking a look at some of his artwork, I agreed.  Here’s a sample of his work, so that you can see why I was willing to do this in this instance.

See?  I think he’s got a lot of promise as an heraldic artist.

Anyway, if you’d like to learn more (he’s got a lot of photos up there about the process he uses to create these shields), or if you’d like to encourage or help support this budding heraldic artist in his endeavor, or even just want to contact him about ordering a custom shield for yourself (in any one of several different sizes), check out his page on the Kickstarter website at


  1. Apparently I'm the first backer of his project. That's pretty sad.

  2. Well, _someone_ has to be first. But, yeah.

  3. Tim wanted to say thank you again for being my first backer. It means a lot that there are people out there that appreciate creativity. It made front page today on Kickstarter so hoping things pick up. I wish I didn't have to ask for so much but with the cost of wood going up, and you would not believe the price of a historical tent......