Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh, Dear.

Well, I have to admit, it's an added twist on the old "bucket shop," folks who will sell you a copy of "your family crest" without, of course, knowing anything about the genealogy of your family, so they can't tell you that you have any relationship or right whatsoever to the coat of arms you're paying them for.  This one, though, adds the snob appeal by putting a coat of arms that matches your surname onto the bottles in a case of wine.  They note: "We have recently enlisted the help of one of the world's leading heraldry companies" [without naming them, I notice] and arranging "for your very own Private Label Wines to bear a Coat of Arms that matches your surname."  The wine in this case is a French Bordeaux Rouge.

They are at least honest enough to note that, even with "over one million names and 'blazons' on file," they ask you "to accept that many family names have more than one Coat of Arms and for this reason, all we can guarantee is that the crest we apply to your labels will be one that has in the past been adopted by a family bearing the same surname as you."

And all this for only £136.56.  Pfft.  If you really think you want to know more about this offering, you can visit them on the web at

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