Thursday, September 28, 2023

Historic Plaques With the Badge of the York Civic Trust

There were other historic markers in the City of York which did not display the arms of the City along with the badge of the York Civic Trust.

Some, like this one found on St. Sampson's Church, display only the badge of the Trust (Azure a fleur-de-lis or dimidiating Gules a crowned leopard's face or):

Still others displayed some other emblem along with the badge of the Trust.

For example, this marker for George Hudson street has, in addition to the Trust's badge, a roundel showing an early locomotive (you may click on the image below to go to a larger version where the locomotive can be seen more clearly):

And the plaque for St. Margaret's School for Girls displays the vesica seal of the School, which contains a standing cross and the legend "Saint Margaret's School" around the border.

Heraldry and visual emblems used for identification; they may not all be heraldic, but as used here, don't they help to fulfill the purpose of heraldry?*

* One (brief) definition of heraldry is: “designs painted on shields and used to identify the owner.” (Kevin Greaves, A Canadian Heraldic Primer)

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