Monday, September 25, 2023

Arms, and a Badge

All through the old city of York you will find plaques noting especially historic places. Some of these places are large and therefore especially notable, while others are less obvious without the assistance of a nearby plaque giving some of the history of the site.

One thing that all of the plaques have in common, though, is that they bear both the arms of the City of York (Argent on a cross gules five lions passant guardant or), and the badge of the York Civic Trust (Azure a fleur-de-lis or dimidiating Gules a crowned leopard’s face or).

The badge of the Trust is clearly based on the older Royal arms of England, Quarterly: 1 and 4, Azure three fleurs-de-lis or; 2 and 3, Gules three lions passant guardant in pale or.

Here are some of the historic plaques displaying the arms of the City and the badge of the Trust which I found in my wanderings about the old city of York:

The original Roman fortress was completely rebuilt later, as the gate that stands there now is clearly not built in the Roman style:

And for those who are really interested in what historical plaques may be seen in York, the York Civic Trust website has an entire page listing all of the plaques that may be found there, along with an enlargeable map showing their locations, at

With coats of arms and badges: what a great way to mark many of the historic places and people of York.

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