Monday, May 15, 2023

The Arms on the Pulpit in Grantchester Church

I hadn't noticed this feature in the scenes of the TV series Grantchester which were shot inside the Church of St. Andrew and St. Mary in Grantchester, but while in the church I saw that the pulpit had a coat of arms carved onto its face.

I am unable to give you a reason why I hadn't noticed this coat of arms before, because it is certainly something that would have caught my attention. My best guess is that the show seldom, if ever, shows the front of the pulpit; usually, the actor portraying the vicar there is seen standing beside the pulpit, and not speaking from it.

But that, in several senses, is neither here nor there. The fact is, I hadn't noticed it before, and having found it, thought I would attempt to identify the arms carved on it.

Alas, there are no colors to help guide the search, and no crest, either; only a helmet with a crestless torse and mantling.

Still, I thought to myself, how many coats of arms consisting of two chevrons and a canton could there be?

The answer? More than I had suspected.

Here is a list from Papworth's Ordinary of British Armorials listing, by surname, all of the two chevrons and a canton arms to be found there.

Dexter. Argent two chevrons azure a canton gules.

D’Ori. Crioll, Feton/Fitton, Fyton, Gawseworth, Hable/Habley, Keryell, Kiriel, Kyrell, Orby, Orreby, Titton, Waspale/Waspoole. Argent two chevrons and a canton gules.

Dalby. Argent two chevrons and a canton sable.

Rees. Azure two chevrons and a canton or.

Gegon/Gigon/Jegon, Pope. Or two chevrons gules a canton azure.

Bevell, Criell, Cryoill, Kenell, Kirriell, Kyrell, Kyriall. Or two chevrons and a canton gules.

M’Leish. Or two chevrons gules a canton sable. (This last comes from Scotland, so probably not related to the church here in Grantchester.)

A quick on-line search for some of the most likely names (e.g., Feton/Fitton/Fyton, Keryell/Kiriel/Kirriell/Kyrell/Kyriall/Criell/Cryoill, Waspale/Waspoole, Gegon/Gigon/Jegon) unearthed no connections to the parish church in Grantchester.

So, with no crest to help guide the search, with no hatching (ditto), and with no clear connections to Grantchester, I am sorry to say that I cannot identify this coat of arms, seen by me for the first time upon visiting the church, for you.

Nonetheless, it's a beautiful example of heraldic carving, and in my not so humble opinion is well worth the sharing.


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