Thursday, January 21, 2016

Another Interesting Digitized Armorial

I ran across another armorial which has been scanned and uploaded on-line the other day. This one struck me particularly because it is actually a little less about the heraldry and a little more about the individuals who bore them.

Each coat of arms comes with a full-length portrait of its bearer, as in the illustration of one page from the armorial here:

It's always interesting to me to see the different ways in which such books of arms are done, and this one is a particularly fine example of this.

If you happen to be interested in German mid-16th Century costuming (I'm not, myself, but still...), it's a great resource for that, as well.

It also contains, as many armorials from this time period do, a number of attributed arms, e.g., Alexander Magnus (Alexander the Great), Azure three bells or.

The armorial is Das Sächsische Stammbuch - Mscr.Dresd.R.3, dated 1546, which has been digitized and uploaded on the website of the SLUB Dresden. The page (translated into English) at which you can view, browse through, and download individual pages or the entire book, is at The link to the page in German is shorter:

I have also saved a link to it in the "Some Good On-Line Armorials and Ordinaries" section down the left-hand side of this blog, so it will always be here for you.


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