Thursday, January 7, 2016

A New Website with Articles on Heraldry

Heraldry enthusiast, President (for thirteen years) of Norsk Heraldisk Forening, and friend, Hans Cappelen of Oslo, Norway, has created a new website onto which he is uploading his articles about heraldry and flags to share with the rest of the world.

The page is entitled, appropriately, Heraldikk og flagg (Heraldry and flags).

If you have an interest in Scandinavian heraldry and vexillology, or even more specifically Norwegian heraldry and vexillology, please drop by his page and see some of the articles he has uploaded there. Many of them are written in English, or at the very least have an English summary (very helpful for folks like myself whose comprehension of Norwegian is, alas, minimal). And, of course, there are pictures to help.

Heraldry and flags can be found on-line at (I have also added this URL to "Websites of Heraldic Interest" in the left-hand column of this blog.)


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