Thursday, November 12, 2015

Article About Oxford University Heraldry

I ran across an interesting article by John Tepper Marlin entitled "What's your blazon?" about the history of the coats of arms of Oxford University and a number of its constituent colleges.  Nicely illustrated, it's well worth a look by the heraldry enthusiast, particularly those with an interest in academic heraldry.

(This image is not from the article, but is an scan of an old postcard with the arms of the University and its colleges.)

You can find a .pdf of the article from Oxford Today at


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  2. Thank you for your notice of the article. I am giving two talks in London on the heraldry of the Oxford and Cambridge colleges, on April 16 and 17. Anyone interested can contact me at Thank you.

  3. My book on "Oxford College Arms" is available on line shortly, via Boissevain Books and IngramSpark. I am talking about it in Oxford at the annual Alumni Reunion on September 15. More information at