Monday, June 10, 2024

It's International Heraldry Day!

Greetings on International Heraldry Day! International Heraldry Day is the one day each year the entire heraldic community celebrates worldwide the wonderful science, art, and tradition that is heraldry, no matter the origin, group, or tradition from whence your heraldry originates!

(The image above by by Danilo Carlos Martins, 2023)

The goal of the original organizers of International Heraldry Day is that eventually all heraldry enthusiasts will acknowledge the event in the years to come. The celebration was started in 2013 by the International Association of Amateur Heralds (IAAH).

Why was June 10 selected? Because on that day in the year 1128, Geoffrey Plantagenet was knighted by his future father-in-law, Henry I Beauclerc, in Rouen. Suspended on the neck of the young knight was shield of blue decorated six golden lions. That shield was later borne by Geoffrey's grandson, William Longspee, and is generally recognized as the fully formed coat of arms.

So come and celebrate with heralds from around the globe, and with me, the wonderful, colorful world of heraldry on this special day!

"It’s like lions and unicorns and sinisters and rampants and shit and we’re like all over the slogans in Elvish and that yeah!"

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