Thursday, May 23, 2024

Arms and Other Symbols in the Choir of York Minster, Part 1 of 3

The Choir of York Minster is not without its own heraldic (and quasi-heraldic) decorations.

And we're going to cover many of those in this series of three blog posts. (Broken up so as to avoid making one very, very long post!)

First, here's an general view of some of the choir stalls, so you can see generally how these needlework emblems were placed in the stalls and (most of them) identified with name plaques above them.

First, representing the Bishop of Selby, the arms of Selby Abbey: Sable three swans proper.

The, representing the Bishop of Hull, the emblem carved on roof of Holy Trinity Church, Hull: Gules three annulets interlaced one and two argent.

The Bishop of Whitby, with the arms of Whitby Abbey (and the attributed arms of St. Hilda, d. 680): Azure three serpents coiled or.

The Bishop of Beverly, represented by the arms of Beverly Minster: Argent a crozier sable enfiling a crown argent all within a bordure sable charged with twelve bezants. Other versions of these arms that I have seen make the crown gold and the roundels on the bordure white.

Bugthorp, with the arms of St. Andrew: Azure a saltire argent.

And finally, Langtoft, with the arms of Stt Peter: Gules two keys in saltire wards to chief argent.

Next time, more heraldry from more choir stalls!

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