Thursday, October 19, 2023

Speaking of the White Rose of York

In my last post, we looked at the heraldry on Lendal Bridge over the River Ouse in York.

One of those bits of heraldry was the badge of York, a white rose.

This badge can be found in use in a few other places around the city. For example:

This lovely little piece of heraldic ironwork consists of A double rose argent barbed and seeded proper, surrounded by a ring that says "City of York" and bearing a scroll with the words "C. Dearlove / Fetter Lane York" (the firm that cast this roundel).

Fetter Lane, where Dearlove was located, is in the old medieval city, south of Micklegate Bar, and joins Skeldergate, which runs parallel to the River Ouse. The Dearlove firm is not that old, having been established in the 19th Century.

This particular roundel is affixed to a metal gate on the steps of York's old city walls at Micklegate Bar. (We've looked at the heraldry on Micklegate Bar recently.)

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