Thursday, August 31, 2023

The Arms of Three 19th and 20th Century Bishops of Ely

Having seen the arms of four 17th and 18th Century Bishops of Ely, we're going forward in time to the arms of three 19th and 20th Century Bishops of Ely.

First, we have an armorial bearing the arms of Thomas Danpier, Bishop of Ely 1808-1812.

The shield on the left is the arms of the See of Ely, and that on the right is the arms of Bishop Danpier, Or a lion rampant sable on a chief gules a label of five tags argent.

Next, we see the arms of Joseph Allen, Bishop of Ely 1836-1845, as seen on his tomb in the Cathedral with a statue of his recumbent figure.

It's not easy to see, but if you click on the image above to see the larger version of this photograph, you will see two shields flanking the central inscription. Each shield is the arms of the See of Ely impaling Per bend sinister or and sable six martlets in pale three and three counterchanged (Allen). Each shield is surmounted by a bishop’s mitre.

And finally, we have the arms of Frederick Henry Chase, Bishop of Ely 1905-1924, on a memorial plaque.

Here again, as with the memorial plaque to Bishop Danpier, above, we see the arms of the See of Ely on the left, this time surmounted with a bishop's mitre, and the arms of Bishop Chase, also surmounted with a bishop's mitre, on the right.

The Bishop's personal arms are: Gules four crosses crosslet on a canton argent a lion passant azure.

I have to admit that I'm not certain exactly what it is that causes me to be so attracted to armorial memorials (and tombs and gravestones), but I cannot deny that I am attracted to them, and look for such things wherever I am able to travel.

Do you find yourself consciously looking for heraldry when you travel, too?

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