Thursday, April 6, 2023

Well, They're Sorta Heraldic, I Suppose

Not the arms of one of the Cambridge colleges, nor personal arms, the, well, I guess I have to call it a logo, of the Stafford House, Cambridge, is something that I believe I would have to classify as "heraldry adjacent".

As you can see from these two different signs for Stafford House, their logo consists of a lion passant.

Clearly, there is no tincture (heraldic color or metal) to be found for this lion, consisting as it does of a lion-shaped cutout in the sheet metal of the signs, through which you can see whatever is behind them.

Stafford House's full name is The Stafford House Cambridge English School. It is a part of Stafford House International, and teaches General English, Cambridge Exam preparation, Professional (i.e., business) English, and has programs for young learners of English.

Anyway, as something "heraldic", these signs caught my eye, and so I photographed them as I wandered about the town while I was there.


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