Monday, August 15, 2016

Would This Explain It?

Could this be a reason for all of the maiden's heads, breasts distilling milk drops (yes, I'm talking about you, Dodge!*), and bare-breasted mermaids and melusines (and even harpies) that can be found in heraldry?

Distract 'em and hit 'em. That's the way to win a battle.

* The arms of Dodge of county Kent, Slopworth county Chester, county Suffolk, and Mannington county Norfolk, are Barry of six or and sable on a pale gules a breast distilling drops of milk proper. (Burke's General Armory seems to have bowdlerized the charges on the pale to "an eye argent weeping and dropping or," but you can see from this depiction from 1880 that the charge on the pale is most definitely not and "eye.")

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