Monday, June 22, 2015

Once Again ...

... it has been shown that you can find heraldry everywhere!

It may not necessarily be accurate heraldry, but it is heraldry nonetheless. Take for example ....

This was a token to be used at a shooting gallery at the National Boy Scout Museum in Irving, Texas, where we went with one of my grandchildren the other day (because he wanted to buy a local Boy Scout Council patch).  The Museum is far larger than I had expected, and had a lot of interesting stuff to see.  And do.

One of those things was a shooting gallery with rifles which fired a laser pointer.  If you hit various targets with the red laser light, different things would happen: a can would jump, a pair of boots would "dance," a sign would spin around, and so on.

At the front desk where you paid your admission, they would give you a token to use to activate the rifle you wanted to use.  On the obverse is a rendition of the arms of the United States of America (Paly of thirteen argent and gules a chief azure).  Sort of.  The eagle, instead of supporting the shield, appears to be perched upon it; he also faces to sinister.  The shield itself consists of four "pales" rather that the paly of thirteen it should be.

As an example of the arms of the United States, I'm afraid it falls a bit short, and I have to say, along with the obverse of the token:

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