Monday, April 27, 2015

This Blog Is Mentioned Again

It's always gratifying to find that this blog has been well spoken of somewhere on the internet.  Some recent correspondence from heraldic artist Dr. Antonio Salmeron of Madrid, Spain, included a link to a page on his website at, where he says some very nice things about this blog, among others, including that of fellow heraldic blogger Kimon Andreou of

Dr. Salmeron also included on that page his rendition of Kimon's coat of arms, above.

He additionally sent a link to another page on his website ( where he gives his own take on, and uploaded his rendition of, my personal arms (below).

Even if you do not read very much Spanish (and you can always use the Bing Translator or some similar auto-translation program to at least get the gist of what he is saying, whatever your first language might be), Dr. Salmeron's website is an interesting one to visit and wander about in, even if just to see the coats of arms he has drawn there.

And, of course, it is personally very flattering to have been mentioned by another heraldry enthusiast.

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