Monday, July 27, 2009

Heraldic T-Shirts, Anyone?

And some of them have real heraldry on them, too! (Not like that t-shirt with the fleur-de-lys design I picked up at Walmart last summer. It’s nice, but it’s really only "sort of" heraldic.)

Anyway, the image below is of most of the heraldic t-shirts for sale on-line by Old Navy at, each in a variety of sizes and each for US$15.

Now, when I say "real heraldry," what do I mean? I mean, for example, shirts one, two and four in the bottom row are the arms of then-Lord Lyon King of Arms Sir James Balfour Paul (he was Lyon 1890-1927), that is to say, the arms of Lord Lyon to dexter (towards the left as you look at it) marshaled with those of Sir James to sinister (to the right as you look at it). The "Carpe Diem" shirts may also have a real coat of arms on them, though I’m pretty sure the griffin "supporters" have been added almost as an afterthought.

Anyway, I thought they were kind of neat, and therefore worth sharing with you. I will probably be purchasing a few to add to my heraldic t-shirts collection as soon as the budget has recovered from the recent foundation repairs to the house.


  1. I actually have the black Carpe Diem and the heraldry was what attracted me to it.

  2. I already had flocked and Crest, Its awesome.

    Erin Daniels.

  3. I love to buy this, but i have already had a pair of Heraldic T-Shirts sorry dude, But I must say great collection of Heraldic T-Shirts.

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